Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Top News: Copies of my early years STEM E-Books (Talent development in the early years and Intuitive science knowledge in infants and toddlers)

It was my first World Conference, but certainly not my last!
Although I only attended one day and presented meanwhile, these few hours were very inspiring.

But before I continue with my experiences at this inspiring conference, I would like to invite you to enjoy copies of my early years STEM E-Books!


1. The STEM book for infants and toddlers "The Brausewetter Emergent Science Curriculum: How to enhance intuitive science knowledge in infants and toddlers (The Brausewetter Science Curricula Book 1)" can be downloaded at:

It is in English and about science talent development at home and in institutional settings during free play time in a well-prepared environment!

2. The sequel STEM book for preschool originates from my presentation at the World Conference. "The Brausewetter Preschool Science Curriculum: How to develop science talent in the early years (The Brausewetter Science Curricula Book 2)" can be downloaded at:

And now back to my experiences at the Conference!
The first thing I want to mention is Hans Henrik Knoop's Invited address. In his lecture, "Positive Psychology in Education: How fairness, well-being and performance are mutually DEPENDING Aspects of Future Education,” he successfully linked positive psychology with gifted students. His presentation can be viewed here:
I also attended lectures about gifted education in the STEM area:
 - Ann Gadzikowski talked about "Girl Power STEM: Engaging Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math". See here for more information:
 - I even enjoyed two presentations by Bronwyn MacFarlane:
"Common Core State Standards and Gifted Education Models: Relationship Opportunities between Federal Education Initiatives with Gifted Education Models and Systems for Achieving Instructional differentiation" to American standards of education and gifted education

and "World Language Teacher Perceptions toward High Ability Students and Differentiated Instruction in Advanced Placement Classrooms" for foreign language learning for gifted students.
There is information in this highly recommended, new book:

In addition to other interesting presentations I was able to introduce my approach to early childhood science talent development "Scientific Talent Promotion in the Early Years: The Season-Oriented Preschool Science Curriculum." For detailed information, please visit:

It was a great experience for me, thank you to everyone involved!

And now enjoy the lecture of my STEM books and have fun experiencing intuitive science and experimenting with your preschoolers!